Tips and Tricks for Creating Engaging Visual LinkedIn Ads

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Tips and Tricks for Creating Engaging Visual LinkedIn Ads

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Editor’s note: Crystal King is a Social Media Professor for HubSpot Academy and creator of its popular LinkedIn for Business Course. Visuals and Messaging for LinkedIn Ads There are limitless ways to create amazing visual ads that stand out to your audience, it just takes a little creativity, a lot of testing, and the right tools to make it successful. Whether you’re using a graphic or video Email List make sure you’re designing and finding images that set context for your content, capture peoples’ attention, and align with your brand.
Here’s a great example. This ad from Adobe is both visually pleasing and has a strong message for Women’s History Month.Here are some visual design recommendations for your LinkedIn ad:
First, make sure you’re using rich media.


Use Canva to create unique, branded social media images.
Vary your image types—try using icons, GIFs, stock photos, graphics, etc.
Use colors that stand out from the page—stay away from lighter backgrounds like white or gray.
Use videos and infographics that are designed to help convert your audience into buyers.
Additionally, include CTAs to encourage clicking.
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