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Posted: Tue May 21, 2024 7:12 am
by sagorlam26
org +--- Twitter Mastodon Facebook LinkedIn SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLESkip to content Creative Commons WHO WE ARE WHAT WE DO LICENSES AND TOOLS BLOG SUPPORT US Search Donate Explore CC WE SUPPORT THE UNESCO RECOMMENDATION ON OER by Cable Green, Jennryn Wetzler Copyright, Open Education As part of the drafting committee, Creative Commons (CC) fully supports the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Educational Resources (OER) on which the member states will vote at the th session of the UNESCO General Conference in November.

We laud the multitude of national governments and open education Gibraltar Email List experts engaged in the development of this international agreement. We look forward to collaborating with these governments and our NGO colleagues in the coming months and years to help Ministries/Departments of Education implement this Recommendation. The UNESCO Recommendation on OER* sets out a transformative vision of open education, contributing to the Sustainable Development Agenda.


Below are the five objectives from the draft Recommendation. You can also view the entire document here. Capacity building: developing the capacity of all key education stakeholders to create, access, use, adapt, and redistribute OER, as well as to use and apply open licenses in a manner consistent with national copyright legislation and international obligations; Developing supportive policy: encouraging governments, and education authorities and institutions to adopt regulatory frameworks to support open licensing of publicly funded educational materials, develop strategies to enable use and adaptation of OER in support of high quality, inclusive education and lifelong learning for all, and adopt integrated me