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Problems with our sense of smell are more likely

Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2023 5:37 am
by Joyuseoto57
For all of us, the smell of rotten eggs is the most disgusting in the world (this is hydrogen sulfide) and it is best not to stand next to a person who ate onions and garlic for the next few hours (this is also due to hydrogen sulfide, This is formed after the molecules of these products are transformed in the stomach and mouth), says. However, this is just speculation, because in terms of smell we're talking about millions of different molecules that can interact in the nasal cavity.

An why does a particular product start deceiving to come from the field of organic moible number data chemistry. This subtle shift could be explained by changes in nasal receptors and brain neurons. The distorted perception of odors may be related to incorrect regeneration of olfactory receptors. It is impossible to predict how the coronavirus and related anosmia will affect who. The only thing that can be assumed is that older people take longer to recover because the plasticity of the brain decreases with age.


In addition, it is known that olfactory disturbances, including parosmia, are more common in the elderly and those who have not been infected with the coronavirus. Compared with other complications caused by the coronavirus, anosmia and dyssmia may seem harmless at first glance, but they can actually cause a lot of distress to those who encounter them.